End-to-end support

Service tailored to your specific needs

We have employees with many years of experience on our service team.

Our highly-motivated employees offer professional advice and provide fast, trouble-free handling of your queries and execution of your orders, anywhere in the world. Our attractive price-performance ratio combined with outstanding delivery performance enhances your business efficiency and gives you peace of mind.


HST offers you one-stop shopping for products made by manufacturers that are world-leaders in high-pressure homogenizers.

In-house production

High flexibility and state-of-the-art production machines enable HST to react quickly to customer requests. Standard spare parts and special parts can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

Product quality

HST products are precision parts which are subjected to continuous quality control throughout the production process. This however does not affect delivery performance which we guarantee by keeping distances and lines of communication short and by minimising bureaucracy in our internal workflows. Precision parts made by HST are known not only for their short turnaround times, but also for their consistent, uniform high quality.

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