HST HL 1 Homogenizer

HST HL 1 Homogenizer

Poppet valves

For low-viscosity and only slightly abrasive products

Machine type Max. pressure (bar) Max. throughput (L/h)
200T 200 260
250T 250 230
400T 250 170

Ball valves

For abrasive and high-viscosity products

Machine type Max. pressure (bar) Max. throughput (L/h)
200K 200 200
250K 250 160
400K 400 125

The HL 1 is a high-pressure piston pump in a duplex or triplex configuration fitted with a homogenizing device. The pistons are orientated horizontally. Depending on the application, the homogenizer is available in single-stage or two-stage versions. A choice of valve materials is available, e.g. stainless steel and sintered materials, to handle a wide range of different products.

The cylinder block is made of high-alloy, forged, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and has a minimum of wearing parts. The HL 3 delivers high CIP performance due to the high-quality surface and avoidance of dead space. A variety of cylinder block designs are available for septic and aseptic processing of a broad range of products

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